May's Cookies
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My First Cake

I was still in my high school days when I baked my first cake. Actually, I'm not sure if I could call it baking, since back then we didn't have an oven at home, and I had to steam it instead.

Although that first cake didn't come out looking like an authentic oven-baked cake, it tasted quite good and was to me a really great accomplishment. I fell in love with the art of cake-making right away.

My mom later bought a second-hand oven with a hundred dollars. I can still remember how excited I was on that day. However, my first attempt at baking was quite a disaster. The finished cake was as hard as a rock and ended up being a toy for my little brother.

But of course I didn't let that small failure get in my way. I managed to master the art in no time and began making many varieties and different types of delicious cakes ever since.

Still in Top Form

May Fung

There was a long period of time when I was too busy with my studies and then later with work, and had stopped making cakes completely. It was only until recently after I had retired that I have rediscovered my interest. My family and friends all commended on my baking skills, and would sometimes even make special requests for my cakes and cookies. My oven at home had since been working hard and non-stop with no rest at all.

With cookies being more popular in the market during the recent years, and my relatives and friends not wanting to burden me with too many special orders, I was urged and very much tempted to open a shop of my own.

Giving it My All

So when I heard that my assistant at Cable TV was looking for a change of career, I immediately invited her to come and work for me. We began planning to start May's Cookies right away.

I have always believed in the "work-hard, play-hard" ethic. Working in full force to prepare for May's Cookies, I spent less time traveling with my husband or playing mahjong with my friends. Although they did have some complaining, they were in fact very supportive all along. Now that May's Cookies is finally opened, I hope you will all come to see for yourself and share my joy and passion.